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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Attention Deficit Disorder

If you have been told that your child needs to be treated for “hyperactivity” or that your child may need to be evaluated by a school psychologist for Attention Deficit Disorder then you are not alone.

There are many avenues for you to explore that do not include prescribed medications.

First, the average American watches 6 hours of television each day. This is over-stimulating and produces negative messaging. It is good to limit your child to no more than 2 hours (or less) of television viewing a day. This is a good idea for the computer as well. Instead, occupy your child’s time with outdoor activities. This will keep them physically fit and is more stimulating than sitting all day.

Second, diet really does matter. Cut out as much sugar, white flour, fats, chemical additives and preservatives as you can. Have your child drink plenty of pure water (use an interesting glass and straw to stimulate acceptance.) Substitute rewards such as happy meals and desserts for a trip to the zoo or buy them a new book to read.

Third, sleep. Make sure your child get 8 hours of sleep. See the below sleep chart to see if your child is getting adequate sleep each night.

1 year old – 14 hours (including 1 or 2 naps)
2 year old – 11-12 hours, plus 30 minutes after-lunch nap
3 year old – 12-12 ½ hours, some may still need a nap
4 year old – 11 ½-12 hours, no nap for most children this age
5 year old – 11 hours
6 year old – 10 ¾-11 hours
7 year old – 10 1/2-11 hours
8 year old – 10 ¼-10 ¾ hours
9 year old – 10-10 ¼ hours
Age 10 – puberty – 9 ¾-10 hours
Teens – 9 ¼ hours

Fourth, Zavita! Often called the elixir-of-life, Zavita comes from the Amazon Rainforest and is perfect for mental clarity and focus. By taking 2 oz. of Zavita in the morning and 2 oz. of Zavita at night your child will gain back his/her focus and have mental clarity to help them excel academically. If you would like more information on this product please call my office at 817-424-5204.

Finally, have a positive outlook. Remember that you are not alone. In some school districts nearly half of the students were labeled with such problems.

Please check out my website for more information.


Blogger Samantha said...

A well-written post. Agree with you. You can learn more on how to cure attention deficit disorder at It may take quite some time to cure, but it's definitely a good try.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Trevor said...

I particularly like your line re there are lots of alternatives before pescription medication. Please if nothing else try giving your child protein before going to school real protien a scrambled egg or fried or poached, but real food. See it make a difference in a matter of days in some cases.
Trevor at

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Rita said...

Thank you for addressing this important topic. Too many doctors and parents think drugs are the only treatment for ADD.


I write a boomer consumer blog called The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide at

2:40 AM  

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