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Eileen Silva, Ph.D., N.D., CTN, is a doctor of Natural Health and Naturopathy, in Southlake, Texas, with a practice in metabolic health, weight, and body balancing. She has been treating patients and teaching workshops on integrative medicine for over 18 years. Eileen has appeared on TV and radio talk shows coast-to-coast, lectured extensively, and has developed a breakthrough technology, colored bar-graph, computerized body analysis program. Her newly-released book, A HEALTHIER YOU, joins her best-selling, FAT CHANCE AT LAST! ---HOW TO GO BEYOND WILLPOWER, in offering lifestyle changes for better health results. As CEO of Hegan Center, Eileen has trained and certified medical doctors and chiropractors for almost a decade. Her innovative wellness techniques have been used to help thousands of individuals achieve weight loss and better fitness. Eileen's programs have also brought enhanced energy, weight balance, and longevity to professionals in corporate wellness programs. Eileen is an active member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Holistic Health Association, and the Health Sciences Institute.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Soft Drinks: America’s Other Drinking Problem

Do you stagger out of bed in the morning, bleary-eyed and sleepy, stumble to the fridge, and grab a carbonated drink to get you going? Does your mid-morning break consist of a cold can from the vending machine to boost you out of your mid-morning slump? If so, you may be one of the many Americans who consume as much of their daily liquid in soft drinks as they do in water, milk, and tea combined.

Did you know that the average American drinks 192 gallons of liquid a year? That translates to about 3.7 gallons per week or 2 liters a day, and soft drinks average 28% of this amount. According to Beverage Marketing reports, “Carbonated soft drinks are the single biggest source of calories in the American diet, providing 7-9 % of calories.

Look at these alarming statistics from The National Soft Drink Association (NSDA), “Teenagers get 13 percent of their calories from carbonated and noncarbonated soft drinks” and “consumption of soft drinks is now over 600 12-ounce servings (12 oz.) per person per year. Since 1978, soda consumption in the US has tripled for boys and doubled for girls.”

Author and Nutritionist, Dr. Judith Valentine, writes that this phenomenon is rightly called, “America's Other Drinking Problem.” Valentine warns, “Even [drinking] as little as one or two sodas per day is undeniably connected to a myriad of pathologies. The most commonly associated health risks are obesity, diabetes and other blood sugar disorders, tooth decay, osteoporosis and bone fractures, nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, food addictions and eating disorders, neurotransmitter dysfunction from chemical sweeteners, and neurological and adrenal disorders from excessive caffeine.”

You should know that the dangers soft drinks pose to good health and wellness lurk in two camps – the dangers of the ingredients of the drinks themselves and the dangers resulting from the loss of the healthful drinks they push out of the diet, namely milk and water.

Are you aware that during 1977-78, boys drank twice as much milk as soft drinks, and girls drank 50% more milk than soft drinks, but that by 1994-1996, both boys and girls drank twice as much soda as milk? This alarming reduction in milk consumption results in a lower intake of necessary vitamins and minerals, and numerous report links soft drink consumption to a rise in osteoporosis and bone fractures. After conducting their own research, Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine warned in June of 2000, ". . . national concern and alarm about the health impact of carbonated beverage consumption on teenaged girls is supported by the findings of this study".

Not only can you develop health problems if you ignore milk for sodas, but if you drink sodas instead of water, you may experience unbalanced body systems, dehydration, weight gain, constipation, poor concentration, kidney stones, urinary infections, and even poor skin. You need at least 2 quarts of pure water a day for proper organ functions, proper absorption of vitamins, and efficient body system activity. Every system in your body, including your brain, depends on water to function.

Would you choose a drink labeled “Witches’ Brew” or “Liquid Candy”? Well, health experts have labeled soft drinks with these very names because they contain ingredients that contribute significantly to poor health.

Even though you may be relieved that high fructose corn syrup has mostly replaced much-maligned sugar, I have to tell you that syrup has its own dangers to health. It contributes to poor development of collagen, to copper deficiency, and to liver problems resembling those of alcoholics in animals on a high-fructose diet. In fact, Dr. Charles Best, the discoverer of insulin, claims that teenagers who consume too many soft drinks have cirrhosis of the liver similar to what develops in chronic alcoholics.

I’m sure you know that caffeine provides no nourishment, but did you know that it stimulates the adrenal gland and can cause adrenal exhaustion, especially in children. It blocks receptor sites in the central nervous system, and, along with saccharin and caramel coloring, has a depressant action in the brain, heart, and kidneys. It also causes constriction of the cerebral arteries, rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, an excessive excretion of urine, and the release of adrenaline.

Are you aware that excess doses of caffeine can cause aggression, recklessness, shouting, swearing (as in road rage), and even fighting? Although we don’t recognize caffeine addiction easily or quickly, it does exist and missing usual doses leaves even the moderate user with sluggishness, unclear thinking, depression, and headache.

Do you love that “bite” that a cold soft drink has? That “bite” comes from phosphoric acid, which also pulls calcium out of the bones, leading to easily broken bones and later, osteoporosis. This acid (that can clean water and soap deposits out of your shower and even dissolves teeth) causes the body to waste its much-needed alkaline minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium) to neutralize the acid, thus causing related problems like colitis, heart disease, indigestion, and anemia.

That friendly and familiar red or perhaps brown soft drink can poses a danger as well. Phosphoric acid also leaches toxic amounts of aluminum from even the lined soft drink cans into the soft drink and right into your body, where it is deposited in brain and bone tissue, resulting in the same formations in brain tissue as seen in the brains of Alzheimer patients. This aluminum also contributes to bone loss, calcium loss, and osteoporosis. (For further information on detoxing the body, email me at for a free copy of my article, “Is Your Body Equipped to Fight the Toxic War.”)

A note to diet soda drinkers! Diet drinks contribute their own health issues; for example, they contain aspartame, which is a potent neurotoxin and endocrine disrupter. It can cause neuron destruction, emotional disorders, depression, and poor sleep quality, headaches, tinnitus, memory lapses, blurred visions, retinal damage, and even contributes to cancer.

As you can see, soft drinks pose numerous, often well-hidden, but serious, health problems to those who indulge regularly or excessively or who neglect proper intake of milk and water in their pursuit of soft drinks. Hopefully, you can also see that drinking proper amounts of milk and water helps to prevent a myriad of health problems and contributes to wellness and optimum organ and system functions. (For further information on the necessity, importance and benefits of proper water consumption, email me at for a free copy of my article, “Amazing Free Medicine.”)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fibromyalgia © Dr. Eileen Silva 2006

Do you have pain for which no cause can be found? Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? One of my clients called the other day with some questions on Fibromyalgia, so I thought this would be a great time to bring you up to speed with a little insight on this prevalent pain diagnosis.

First the bad news! There is no medical cure for Fibromyalgia. The good news is that there is no medical test for it either. It’s diagnosed as Fibromyalgia after no real cause for pain can be found. So, simply put, when the doctor can’t find anything wrong, but you are still complaining about hurting, chances are pretty good that he’s going to slap a “Fibromyalgia” label on you.

So, what is really going on? Are you ready for this? Generally speaking, pain is the result of a lack of oxygen. Your unexplained pain could be caused by anything from metal poisoning to gas in your system. For a complete discussion of this topic, just email me ( and we will send you the whole story.

You may have other conditions that contribute to your pain like:
Acidic pH
Parasites in the tissues
Improper diet that causes inflammation
Lack of good oxygenation
Poor mobility due to lack of exercise
Colon and /or liver toxicity

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, here are two extremely important tips for you:
1. Drink at least two quarts of pure water a day for better hydration and elimination.
2. Exercise daily to release brain hormones called endorphins. If you could actually do two exercise sessions a day, one for 20 minutes in the morning and one for 20 minutes in the early evening, this would give you the most consistent endorphin levels for natural pain management.

You can also eat a diet high in green vegetables to help your body’s pH balance remain alkaline, and that’s a good thing.

Treat yourself to a deep soothing hot bath . . . it’s very relaxing, helps to detox your body, and encourages a good night’s sleep.

I personally used to suffer daily from unexplained (at least medically unexplained) pain. I used to explain it all right, but there wasn’t any real justification for it. I’m now pain free and living life on my terms. So can you!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Walk Your Way to Health © Dr. Eileen Silva 2006

Do you hate to work out? Do you ever wish for an easier way to tone, shape, slim, and stretch your muscles than paying a fortune for an expensive gym membership or home workout equipment? Let me share a great tip with you! All you have to do is walk! That’s right, simply walk your way to health. The only equipment you will need is a good pair of walking shoes, and walking won’t damage your joints. To reap the most benefits from walking, follow these few tips:

Remember to stretch your muscles gently before walking and drink plenty of water. Stretch up tall while walking, relax your shoulders, and bend your elbows (90-degree angles). Tone your calf muscles as you walk by landing on your heels, rolling the length of your foot, and pushing off with your toes. Breathe deeply, drink water often, and remember to stretch again after walk.

You’ll want to begin your walk slowly and build up to a brisk walk. Alternate from fast to slow walking, working yourself up to two minutes at a fast pace to one minute at a slow pace. If you walk a regular route, you can set landmarks as signals to change speeds. Build up to a longer fast pace for maximum calorie burn. If you climb uphill during your walk, either by hill or by climbing up and down stairs or bleachers, you will increase calories burned. This will also tone your rear muscles. Plan your walk according to the landscape, if possible, saving a nice downhill walk for last. Walking downhill is a good cooling off exercise.

You can find many ways to add walking to your day besides your designated exercise time. Be creative! Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from buildings and malls, walk to do errands instead of drive, walk to visit nearby neighbors and friends, and take a walk at lunch, preferable outside, but at least around the building or mall. Walk the dog, the kids, your spouse, your friends, and yourself. Even a 10-minute walk helps you reach your goals.

You will find that walking is a good way to enjoy the scenery, the weather, and either solitude or your chosen companion, while you are losing weight, stretching and toning muscles, and improving your health. Put a good foot under you, and walk your way to health.