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Eileen Silva, Ph.D., N.D., CTN, is a doctor of Natural Health and Naturopathy, in Southlake, Texas, with a practice in metabolic health, weight, and body balancing. She has been treating patients and teaching workshops on integrative medicine for over 18 years. Eileen has appeared on TV and radio talk shows coast-to-coast, lectured extensively, and has developed a breakthrough technology, colored bar-graph, computerized body analysis program. Her newly-released book, A HEALTHIER YOU, joins her best-selling, FAT CHANCE AT LAST! ---HOW TO GO BEYOND WILLPOWER, in offering lifestyle changes for better health results. As CEO of Hegan Center, Eileen has trained and certified medical doctors and chiropractors for almost a decade. Her innovative wellness techniques have been used to help thousands of individuals achieve weight loss and better fitness. Eileen's programs have also brought enhanced energy, weight balance, and longevity to professionals in corporate wellness programs. Eileen is an active member of the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the American Holistic Health Association, and the Health Sciences Institute.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Are You a Debbie? © Dr. Eileen Silva 2006

I would like to discuss my friend, Debbie, with you. Debbie has been trying to lose weight for years. Like many others, even you perhaps, she experiences this typical weight loss scenario:

Phase One: “Debbie” starts on a program that guarantees weight and inch loss. She follows the program faithfully and easily loses 9 pounds over a 6-week period.

Phase Two: She hits a standstill with weight loss, but she continues the protocol just like before. Her weight stays the same for the next two weeks. Her at first exciting weight drop is now being overshadowed by unmistakable discouragement. She is ready to quit. She begins to slack off being as faithful to the program as before. A few pounds creep back. Sound familiar?

Phase Three: She quits the program and says it didn’t work . . . She winds up bigger and heavier than she was when she started. Another failure.

Perhaps you know someone like Debbie or maybe even YOU are like Debbie. What has happened to Debbie and others like her? The answer is simple. She has hit a plateau.

You should expect to reach plateaus, no matter what weight loss program you choose. These natural occurrences show you that your body is adjusting to a new “lower level” weight set point. I encourage you to welcome a reasonable plateau and respond with gratitude that your body is learning to like a new more desirable size and weight level. You need to keep positive thoughts about how great it is that you have stabilized.

It is always vitally important to drink your 8+ glasses of pure water a day, but it is especially critical when weight loss ceases. Your body systems need adequate water to function normally. Often, you will experience sluggishness in major body areas, like the liver and colon, from a build-up of toxins. If you cleanse the colon and liver, it will allow your organs to function properly.

You will find exercise helpful when you experience a weight loss slowdown, because exercise stimulates toxin removal and lean tissue ratio improvement. You will also find a daily hot bath to be stress relieving, which can help greatly in your weight-loss regimen. Stress, as you undoubtedly know, can be a major factor in preventing weight loss.

When you hit a plateau in your weight-loss program, remember to continue the regimen, drink extra water, exercise, de-stress, and congratulate yourself on reaching this level. Before you know it, you will find yourself moving on to the next clothing size, and, yes, to the next plateau.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Gym Fear © Dr. Eileen Silva 2006

Are you the only one in your group who didn’t make a New Year’s resolution to start a daily workout? Do you cringe every time someone says, “Let’s go to the gym,” because the gym is a scary, uncomfortable place for you? You aren’t alone!

State of the art equipment! Wall-to-wall mirrors! Skinny women and buff men in spandex! Eyes on you everywhere you go! . . . Gyms are scary places!

However, let me encourage you that the mental and physical benefits of regular gym workouts are much greater than the risk you take trying something new. Maybe I can help. Here are a few ideas that may help you step comfortably into your neighborhood fitness center.

Join with a friend! You won’t feel nearly as lonely or intimidated if you go with a friend. You can face the spandex set with a buddy by your side, visit back and forth, as you work out, and spot each other on weights.

Work in the arena of your choice! You don’t have to trudge your way through the weight room or pedal miles on the machines if the very thought bores you to yawns. Sign up for cardio dance classes, strength and conditioning classes, yoga, or Pilates mat, and cha cha your way to fitness. Music and routines will distract you from the drudgery of 1-2-3-4, and you will find yourself actually having fun.

Feel free to pick and choose your workouts! Make the rounds and experiment with different machines, classes, instructors, and build your routine out of your favorites. A trip to the gym should be exhilarating and beneficial, not as dreadful as a trip to the dentist. The most important thing is that you work your body, move your muscles, and get rid of stress.

It’s OK to take your exercise in small bites! If going to the gym is like facing the proverbial elephant with fork and spoon, minimize the event. Tell yourself you are just going to scope it out the first time. If you wear your work out clothes “just in case,” you may feel inclined to try something. Once you get started, it won’t be so bad.

Remind yourself that this is something you are doing for yourself, not because it’s “10:15 A.M. and time for Miss Futznell’s P.E. class, and you have to wear those dreadful bloomers and endure Bouncing Betty’s rude comments.” Your choice to work out is for your health and fitness success. You owe it to yourself to give it a try and enjoy yourself.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Acne Woes © Dr. Eileen Silva 2006

Ask any teenager: zits can ruin your life. While we all know that their appearance isn’t going to be fatal, it certainly seems like it might be to a typical 16-year-old on prom night. Unfortunately, some adults also struggle with these skin flare-ups. Zits are not just caused by those raging teen-age hormones.

If you suffer from zits, the truth is that the origin of your skin flare-ups could be virtually anywhere. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, and it reflects toxicity and imbalances that are present in your other organs or tissues. Isn’t that amazing?

If you cleanse your liver, you will also discover that you will have BEAUTIFUL skin! Your liver is very porous and tends to accumulate a great deal of toxicity. This interferes with its efficiency and slows down your body’s natural cleansing processes. When your liver gets properly flushed, all your cleansing systems seem to be more effective.

Another way to give yourself a more glowing complexion in just a short time is to drink 8 or more glasses of pure water a day and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

If you eat a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly zinc, it will enhance your healthy skin. Be sure to include generous amounts of fiber on a daily basis. Also, when bathing, add some detoxing bath crystals and use a loofa scrub remove those old dead outer layers so that your newer, healthier, vibrant skin layers can breathe.

Don’t let zits ruin your day or your complexion. Follow these tips and, whether you are 16 or 60, you can enjoy healthy clear skin.